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He returned to Sunnydale, where he kidnapped Willow Rosenberg and Xander Harris and attempted to force Willow to cast a love spell on Drusilla.

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Never worrying about the consequences until it's too late! Publisher's Weekly called Slayer Slang:

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Spike, Nostroyev , and the Prince of Lies were captured by Nazi agents at a virgin blood party in Madrid, and taken aboard a submarine which in turn was seized by Americans. He fought and killed Nikki Wood , a Slayer in New York City aboard a subway train, and stole her black leather duster , which he continued to wear even decades later. He confessed that he didn't want to return to lurking around the edge of her life as he always had in the past.

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  1. Unlike most vampires, Drusilla rarely showed her vampiric form and tended to use her nails when fighting as vampire's nails were much sharper than those of humans using them to slit Kendra's throat and to scratch Spike and Angel. To the dismay of Giles and her friends, Buffy showed her lasting trusted in Spike by ordering the Initiative's operatives to remove the chip from his head for good, telling him that he had the potential to be a good man.

  2. Faith had a riddle, and it was something like 'Little Miss Muffet, sitting on her tuffet,' counting down from whatever the numbers were, and I went to Joss to ask what it meant.