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The same things can be done when several men are sitting in company with one courtesan, or when one courtesan is alone with many men. She may also do this to satisfy the curiosity of her lover, or her own desire of novelty.

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Love Potions - Kama Sutra: Metaphysics of Space, Dynamic Unity of Reality.

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Babhravya has thus related to us the above eight kinds of embraces. When, while engaged in congress, she turns round like a wheel, it is called the 'top'. Einstein failed to solve this with his unified field theory of matter which describes reality in terms of matter-energy fields in space-time. The embrace of the forehead.

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  1. A horse having once attained the fifth degree of motion goes on with blind speed, regardless of pits, ditches, and posts in his way; and in the same manner a loving pair become blind with passion in the heat of congress, and go on with great impetuosity, paying not the least regard to excess. When the woman holds the lingam in her yoni, draws it in, presses it, and keeps it thus in her for a long time, it is called the 'pair of tongs'.