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Although at the end Cartman walked away sad, when she said they were friends again. Cartman is the only one to say greet Wendy in " Pinkeye " when she meets up with the others to go trick-or-treating, and says it in a nice tone. However, the fact that Kyle challenges Cartman more than any other character in the series, may in fact be the core reason for Cartman's obsessive fixation on him.

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In situations where the other boys share his goals, Cartman is often the de facto leader e. Although Cartman can at times be worldly, he is often wildly misinformed; he once believed that dolphins lived in igloos and mistook a canned food drive for 'when you cut open a chick's stomach and pull out the baby from inside,' and mistakes sexual harassment when 'you're having intercourse with a lady friend and someone tickles your balls from behind.

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He seemed go through all of that solely for the purpose of tricking the rest of the boys. In " Grey Dawn " he is seen playing street hockey along with the rest of the boys as a goalie. In " Fort Collins ", having seen Heidi Turner 's vagina, it is implied he still does not realize women don't have balls.

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Immediately after he takes Heidi into the woods with him at night, and ultimately ditches her in the woods to die, and gets her kidnapped by a witch. And that is why Justin Welby is not fit to lace up George Bell's shoes, and why his pretensions to be a moral leader of this country are taken less and less seriously by thinking people. Also, in the episode " Cherokee Hair Tampons ", the two are shown playing with spaceships without Stan or Kyle although Kyle was dying at the time. When they spotted a real Peruvian band "stealing their spotlight", after the other boys first confronted them in English and the band members continued to play as if they didn't hear them since they didn't speak English , Cartman began yelling at them in Spanish, generally telling them to stop playing in their area. In the first episode of the twelfth season, " Tonsil Trouble ", it is revealed that Cartman has in the past needed a routine tonsil checkup.

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  1. In a mean-spirited feeling, Cartman begins singing an Elvis version of " In The Ghetto " when in Kenny's neighborhood, namely, the poor part of town. Erik will be dancing for The Smile Train organization; voting for Erik will help give thousands of children smiles!