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If you massage the wall of her rectum closest to her vagina, you may find that you can convey exciting feelings through to her vagina. So if you enter the anus with a finger, use the soft fleshy part to massage inside your partner's body, and ensure you have trimmed your nails!

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He will also find that he can move further forwards and backward when he is standing as opposed to when he is kneeling. Bending the penis in an attempt to get rid of an unwanted erection. Whether or not your partner helps you find the way in, you must also use your own hand to direct your penis towards its target.

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7 Things to Know About Anal Sex

How does it feel? Some variation of the missionary or conventional man on top sex position may well be the easiest position to start, although rear entry sex is another possibility. There is much more to it, of course, not least the fact that it provides the opportunity to experiment with role reversal and power play in a relationship. Try different movements of your fingertip: Because of the many oral and manual excitations possible to each of the partners simultaneously in these kneeling and side-lying cunnilingus postures, they are favorites of many men and women who are much given to cunnilingus.

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  1. I guess you try other positions that will allow you to kiss, fondle and hold each other while you are inside her. Try switching the vulnerability roles.

  2. This is rather like the way women have to get used to the sensation of having their G spot massaged. IE her going out to dinner with it in place?