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He and the last two generations of Fire Lords were all pretty evil, but the next Fire Lord is a nice guy. I have two daughters, Dixie and Matilda, and when we go down South, they are surrounded with love from the moment we cross the Mason-Dixon.

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A Song of Ice and Fire: In the "The Story of Us" music video, where Taylor's love interest chooses a girl who's much more physical in her affections than Taylor is, who shows to be more flirty and playful.

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Romanians didn't have the title of "prince" until World War I , and then it was just because a foreign house of noble kin came to rule. However, his title is inherited by Mort and, ultimately, Susan.

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For example, knowing how to make a woman come by means of cunnilingus is commonplace in the west but some religions forbid this way of pleasing a woman in bed. That may be cause or consequence of the practice of racism and social darwinism in the Britannian Empire, this is not only evidenced in the nobility truly believing that they are superior due to their blood but also lead to the discrimination and oppression of the numbers people of countries conquered by Britannia who are forced to live in ghettoes.

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Another pointy-bra Warner's ad, but this time it's 10 years later and the model appears more suggestive, younger, sexier, and freer than the model in the previous ad it was the '60s. Prince of Thieves is frequently compared. I grew up, like all Southern girls, babysitting as soon as I was old enough to tie my own shoes.

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  1. Countess Crey from City of Heroes. Knowing what an idiotic fool Anna is, he chooses to use her as an Unwitting Pawn to his scheme, seeing that Elsa was a bit too reclusive to approach.

  2. The Duc de Blangis and his companions in The Days of Sodom are guilty of almost anything you can think of, and some things you probably can't. Before he was raised into a Death Knight, he was a wealthy land owner who fell under the sway of the lich Kel'Thuzad and helped him structure the Cult of the Damned.