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Almost every woman will know that stimulation of her clitoris is the easiest way to orgasm. An admirable sex expert Lou Paget says that vagina-bearers can experience 10 different types of orgasms, while penis-bearers can have eight. Then see whether you want to change your approach in any way, for example by altering the pressure or direction of your touch or by using more lubricant.

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See the illustration to the left.


It certainly isn't a passive organ; its outer layer is made up of circular muscles, and its inner layer is made up of longitudinal muscles, all of which means that it has the capacity to contract and tighten and relax and expand during sex, thereby providing additional pleasure to both the woman and the man. The anterior area of the vaginal fornix has been called the "A zone" or "A spot", and is regarded by some as an extremely sensitive area responsible for producing massive sexual pleasure when a woman is highly sexually aroused -- we will come back to this possibility later. The close proximity of this very sensitive area to the opening of the vagina demonstrates one compelling reason why it is not necessary for a man to have a particularly large penis to give a woman very fulfilling sexual pleasure during intercourse.

The 12 Types of Orgasms — What They Are & How To Have Them

Signals are sent along these nerves and enter the spinal column before being passed to the brain regions that respond to sensations coming from the genitals. Even so, it is a fact that one of the most sensitive parts of the vagina is located on the upper wall as a woman lies on her back only about one or two inches inside: The G spot is located somewhere on the front wall of the vagina The bits that you can see from the outside are collectively called the vulva.

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