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Once they leave the nurturing confines of home, they end up in higher education which issues all of its trigger warnings and safe spaces, and once again there is no need of strength or courage. Before such machines recognized brain patterns would you have doubted love? Subscribe to CE It's free.

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I care if the things I believe are actually true. Attitude and emotion without meaningful content is of no discernible value.

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I would think that the Catholic School would have some sort of sliding fee scale for those with several children. Catechism classes at church provide a small amount of guidance.

An Oil Town Where Men Are Many, and Women Are Hounded

The example she gives Richard Dawkins is one who is almost incapable of philosophical exercise. It is like the case of drug addicts. If we had perfect communication, how many would we steer back?

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Why So Many Are Leaving the Church: The Faith and Reason Problem

Only one God sent His Son to earth to become man, suffer and die to save us——only one. If you were serious about finding the truth, keep searching, and ask God to show you. Hospitals, caring for the sick and dying off the streets, the dignity of women, children, and slave, and freedom from within, the establishment of schools and universities — this is the fruit of the Church. And, rather than find ways to prove those beliefs reasonable, you resort to railing against rational thought by using pleas to emotion and tribalistic in-group drum beating. For that matter, if I could demonstrate that he is making verbose versions of logically fallacious arguments, and could show you why the arguments are not valid, would you admit that his arguments are not sound?

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